Inheritance law is a branch of private law that studies and organizes the transfer of property after the death of a person to an heir legally designated or chosen by the deceased through generosity (donation, bequest).

Our cooperation of several years with various international law firms has allowed us to deal with many cases of international succession, verifying the determination of the law applicable to the case, both intestacy and testamentary or contractual succession.

There are two difficulties in applying the rules of inheritance conflict: one is related to the classification of the estate’s constituent property; the other is related to the determination of the estate’s domicile. The determination of the place of attribution is one of the typical problems posed by the settlement of the international succession.

Moreover, unlike most European countries, inheritances are not done through notaries in Turkey. It is the lawyers who take charge of the estate affairs, starting with the establishment of a certificate of heredity until ending the estate by legal or amicable means.

Our law firm also advises you on international estate preparation (estate planning) and international estate taxation. The resolution of international estates is an important part of the private international law consultations that our firm is undertaking. 

Our services:

  • Preparing an estate (making a proper will and other administrative steps required).
  • Establishment of a certificate of inheritance, valid in foreign countries.
  • Completion of mortgage and tax formalities related to death.
  • Administrative and legal procedures for the sharing and registration of heritage property between heirs.
  • All disputes related to the estate (forgetting an heir, declaration of death of an heir, contesting wills, etc.)
  • Searches for assets in the possession of the deceased, both nationally and internationally through interdepartmental correspondence.
  • Any other steps required in estate law.